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Our Story

When our founder couldn’t find a suitable digital Valentine’s card for his wife, he decided there must be a gap in the market. Inspired by the concept of children’s pop-up books, he experimented with 3D web design and set about creating his own range of eCards.

The result is igreetu.com. It offers 3D pop-up eCards that are easy to customise and send.

Brand Idea

igreetu is a platform for making electronic greeting cards that people are happy to create and receive.

Brand Purpose

Helping People Feel Happy

Brand Pillars

Social Inclusion

Greetings for everyone. We cater to everyone of all ages, gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnicity and religion. Inclusivity is our priority.

Overall Happiness

People wish for constant happiness and celebrations of important moments, and so do we. Thus, Happiness is at the core of the igreetu brand.

High-Quality Relationships

Relationships are about maintaining one's identity and sharing happiness. igreetu strives to strengthen relationships and partnerships.

Ease of Use

igreetu is a unique, simple and fast way to send greeting cards. It only takes three clicks to complete and requires no registration.

Finest Design

We upgrade and perfect the look and feel of igreetu to ensure we create the best experience for everyone.

Visual eCard Maker

People want to put their unique taste and style into a solution to feel their identity is honoured. So we built the eCard Maker

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