igreetu 3D Pop-up ecards and greeting cards

Brand Idea and Purpose

Brand Idea

igreetu is a platform for making electronic greeting cards which people are happy to create and receive.

Brand Purpose

Helping People Feel Happy.

Brand Pillars

  • Social Inclusion. Greetings for everyone. Our audience is people of any age, gender, sexual orientation, tone of skin, nationality, and religion.

  • Overall Happiness. People want their life to be a constant celebration, and so do we. Happiness is the core of the igreetu brand.

  • High-Quality Relationships. Relationships is about being yourself and finding happiness together. igreetu helps maintain a high-quality relationships.

  • Ease of Use. It’s very easy to send ecards through igreetu. It only takes a few clicks to complete and requires no registration.

  • Finest Design. We continue developing and perfecting the look and feel of our ecards to ensure we create the best user experience.

  • Visual eCard Maker. People want to put their uniqueness into a solution to feel their identity is honored. That’s why we have built the eCard Maker.



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