Bespoke Online Invitations and Digital Greeting Cards

Any event organiser is challenged with creating good-looking event invitations. And if they do not have professional designers in their team nor they outsource this job to a graphic design studio, the task can be time-consuming while the result is not guaranteed. For that they want to have a solution that does not require special graphic design skills, allowing them to create stunning invitations in a matter of minutes.

Others may want to increase invitation conversion rate (open and click rate). The high-quality invitation, that wows the audience and easy to re-share, can improve ticket sales. As far as the event income concerned, an invitation, that provides additional visibility for sponsors, can also become an additional revenue stream.

The solution

Whatever your objective is, igreetu helps effortlessly create and send event invitations and digital greeting cards.

Digital Invitations

Customize and send in minutes Bespoke online invitations and corporate eCards.

Design as you like in our easy-to-use
“What You See Is What You Get” eCard editor.


Realistic 3D design

Wow your audience with realistic 3D eCard designs matching your corporate identity.

Complimentary 3D design services from our team
No ads, ever! For you or your recipients
No watermarks


Effortless Sending

Email your eCard through us, or
Send personalized bulk email by uploading a .csv file of your contacts.
Share on your favourite messenger, or
on social media.

Click on any icon to test it!

New Media

New media creates a new environment.
Activate Sponsors and Partners for your events.

Call to Action

Link your invitation to your event registration page,
so you won’t lose registrations anymore.


Get even more creative and become an igreetu reseller

Igreetu is a new bespoke digital card platform that will enable you to:

Offer a brand new design service to your clients

Create an additional revenue stream for your agency

Help your clients build stronger customer connections AND stand out from their competitors

Want to know more?

Contact us to find out how you can build brand loyalty and stand out from the crowd.


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