Inspirational Moomin Quotes

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by igreetu

17 March 2021

Are you in need of some extra inspiration? Check out some great inspirational Moomin quotes for greeting ideas, birthday and everyday wishes, and for better relationships today.

Little My

Little My Official eCards

Little My is brave and fearless, and is eager to join the Moomins on their adventures. Sometimes she really seems to love small catastrophes. 

"Hope for the best and prepare for the worst."

- Little My

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Moominmamma Official eCards

Moominmamma is a calm and collected mother who never lets little things get on her nerves. 

"All nice things are good for you."

- Moominmamma

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Moominpappa Official eCards

Moominpappa enjoys philosophical thinking and always wants to be on the scene whenever something surprising happens in Moominvalley. 

"The world is full of great and wonderfull things for those who are ready for them."

- Moominpappa

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Moomintroll Official eCards

Moomintroll is an agreeable fellow who’s interested in everything he sees. The world is full of exciting things to investigate, but Moomintroll particularly loves collecting rocks and shells. 

"Making a journey by night is more wonderful than anything in the world."

- Moomintroll

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Mymble Official eCards

Mymble is Little My's sister and Snufkin's half sister. Their mother is also called Mymble, but being an amiable and helpful big sister, Mymble soon took responsibility for looking after all her younger siblings.

"You seem to be yourself again. Actually, you are nicer that way."

- Mymble

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Sniff is not a Moomin, but he lives in the Moominhouse. Although he’s eager to join in with whatever the Moomins are up to, his timidity means that he won’t do anything dangerous. 

"Must you be so poetic?"

- Sniff

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Snorkmaiden is Moomintroll’s friend and playmate. They like each other a lot and love hanging out together. Snorkmaiden is happy and energetic, although her habit of suddenly changing her mind can sometimes irritate people a bit. 

"I would save your life eight times a day if I only could."

- Snorkmaiden

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Snufkin is a philosophical vagabond who wanders the world fishing and playing the harmonica. He carries everything he needs in his backpack, as he believes that having too much stuff makes life overly complicated.

"You must go on a long journey before you can really find out how wonderful home is."

- Snufkin

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The Moomins are the central characters in a series of Moomin books and a Moomintroll comic strip by Tove Jansson. The adventurous Moomin family live in their house in Moominvalley and have many adventures with their various friends.

"Don't worry we shall have wonderful dreams, and when we wake up it'll be spring."

- Snufkin

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